Information for partners

MySafeTrade has become a partner of the online e-commerce platform PLADO

PLADO provides all-in-one platform for easy launch of e-commerce business in developing countries of Central Asia, Africa, and Europe.

MySafeTrade provides our partners with a set of solutions for making safe deals online, as well as IT solutions for integration between online marketplaces, e-commerce platforms and other companies (such as advertising and courier agencies).

In this case, MySafeTrade assumes the role of the PLADO’s agent and provides the following services:

  • MySafeTrade assumes the obligation to arrange and provide the Services according to the instruction of the PLADO. MySafeTrade provides the safe deal service using its own platform ( where the PLADO’s customers agree upon the detailed terms of the deal and create a deal on this platform.
  • Receiving payments from the PLADO’s customers (Buyers).
  • Making payments to the PLADO’s customers (Sellers). is interested in a partnership with online marketplaces, platforms and payment systems.

If you are interested in a partnership, send us your proposal to